01 May 2013


Dr. Righteous here! As I return to serve my 2nd term of Presidency & world domination & thank you all for voting me in once again as the savior of this world, I see that not much has changed in this puny planet!!    There seems to be a question of how the Members of my Majority 4 Musical Morality have treated our Robotos over the years!! For this I have felt the need to come forward & defend my actions against that I deem the barbaric treatment of certain robotos in this world.

I am of course speaking of this horrid inhumanity which needs to be dealt with accordingly called the Robot Combat League!!  All started by a very interesting movie called Reel Steel, which depicted some very heartfelt Robotos more to my taste & of course, my Robotos taste [I can tell you from extreme knowledge that this was Mr. Roboto's personal favorite movie of all time & of course they looked great!!] This movie told the real story of what my Robotos went through & what I saved them from becoming. Yet because of this RCL atrocity, my Robotos including Mr. Roboto himself have gone into hiding & deprived themselves of the very thing that kept them going...Fried chicken!! [but this is only because we do really need to Save the Texas Prairie Chicken!! but that's another story!] until we have rid this country of this evil Robot Combat League & its more evil host, the extremely vile Chris Jericho, who if I ever get my hands on him....I will certainly turn his mind into mush!, although I'm sure it pretty much is by now!...Ugh!!!

1st of all my Robotos are not a fighting species! & they certainly are NOT appliances [as Mr. Craig Ferguson of late nite TV continues to call his gay Robot Skeleton companion Geoff Peterson on a daily basis but not before calling himself a Late Night Douche, so I guess for that we're even!!] !!They are free to walk on their own in this world wherever they choose of their own volition! I in no way have ever harboured them or caged them or denied them of their basic Roboto rights & take care of them the only way I know how...the Modren way!!. [& if you don't think I'm doing anything for this country except banning Rock'n'Roll then you're sadly mistaken!...now I have to be looking out for all Robotos rights!] They have always done what I have said & for that I am very proud of them!

2nd of all these so -called Robots have been forced to engage in combat & take all kinds of beatings, not to mention the fact that they are controlled & tied from their waist & their hands are manually moved by ruly humans who are then given 20 minutes to 'repair' them in case they get 'damaged'! They dress deplorably, almost naked practically, just completely having no dignity. I take pride in dressing my Robotos & giving them the best clothing possible. I will not have a naked Roboto roaming around. They do NOT battle with each other or my public by the way or ensue combat!!!  We merely control people's minds which is completely more intelligent, quite easier, less messy & way cooler!  
One poor Robot was reduced to pissing on himself after a savage beating by one called Crash, a ridiculous red spaghetti covered filled looking robot. After maybe 10 weeks of this madness which included the trashing of robots: A.X.E, Brinstone, Drone Strike, Game Over, Medieval, Robo Hammer [Mr. Roboto took personal offense at this one!] , Scorpio, Steampunk, Steel Cyclone & Thunder Skill.

3rd-ly All ridiculous names of whom none of them was ever referred to as Mr. [which I almost never call Mr. Roboto by his first name Stan! or any of them for that matter!]  The only one who seemed genuine was one called Commander, yet he lost big time & the finale between Steampunk & Crash came down to  who I was sure would be out in the 1st round, Crash wound up winning the whole thing. Completely pathetic!
   Since I am still in charge of our world & have promised to make it right I will be putting an end to these combats & will be taking care of those people & controlling their minds very soon. As for the rumours that I have been engaging my Robotos in combat are simply not true. I dress them well, feed them & they take care of our well being! For they are beings as well & so should b treated as such not as Kilroy did when he escaped for which I will never forgive him for that! 

At this time Mr. Roboto would like to make a statement : ''Hello My ever present humans. I am instructed to inform you that I do not condone, corform or confirm this so- called Robot Combat League! It goes against everything I and my fellow Robotos believe in. No deviance has been done by us, for we shall not encourage this behavior in any of our Robotos out there watching & protecting this great country & penalizing your privileges.  I also dress better than those clowns ever will, you will never see me naked mind controlling anyone ever, I assure you! My jumpsuits & jackets mean the world to me! Also, despite Kilroy's previous statement, our error lights have never come on nor do we have one!!  Do not be mind controlled by this man or worse Chris Jericho [only by us] & we will deal with this matter accordingly & we will prevail. For this we have gone into hiding, until this problem is solved. I am a decent Robot & have never been anything but kind to everyone, especially humans, even while in mind-control status! I'd also like to address the rumour that we have become vegetarians. Not exactly but it is important to Save the Texas Prairie Chicken, we just decided to stop serving it for a while till that is taken care of.  For you all should be thanking me for all we have done for you!! In the meantime, Dr. Righteous & the Majority for Musical Morality are quite capable of preceding without us for the time being & we will be making our presence known soon enough at a place called the Rock Shop in Bklyn under surveillance, will be arranging the arrests of a band called WNTDTYR on Friday, May 10th. who as of today have continually violated Code 672 which prohibits the playing & purveying of rock music! Thank you for your concern, I am fine & will see you very soon."

Thank you for your patience regarding this matter, in the meantime be on the look out for my new video Heavy Metal Poisoning celebrating my takeover of this world!! I approve this message & Mr. Roboto is correct when he stated that we will be invading the Rock Shop in Bklyn to put an end to the evil show What Not To Do To Your Roboto will be putting on on May 10th at 8:30pm, I encourage you to come down & protest with us & watch us make history once again !
 For I am DR. RIGHTEOUS & I AM VERY PROUD TO BE YOUR PREZ & proud to be associated with Mr. ROBOTO!!!!!!

18 April 2013

Hello out there from the basement!

I wise person once said, "Beware of the Queen of Spades! Her black widow's curse might find you yet!" And so whenever I play cards, I am on the look out! thanks man.

In other news, what not to do to your roboto has been up to no good again over the last few weeks, tinkering with the robotos and twisting minds into cute little pretzels...more to come ;-)

04 October 2012


It seems the debates have begun, the gunslinging & the name calling are going on & on & on without any hope for Miss America yet again!!! Well I'm here to put a stop to that!!! 
Who do you clowns think you are?? Really?? This is what we have to decide on?? Well I have a simple solution for you!! Since my attempt 4 years ago to take over the world has slowly grown with high time, I shall continue my dominance with my Majority For Musical Morality members & urge you to VOTE FOR ME!!! DR. EVETTE RIGHTEOUS!! & join my campaign for the 2013th Presidency!! I shall rule dominance over rock'n'roll!! I will have Jim Lehrer's back!!  So lay off him!!  I will get rid of every show that dares to put acts that don't belong together on one stage & prevent the next Green Day breakdown!! I will keep Aerosmith & Journey from going on the way they have!! !! I will make sure Justin Bieble never sees the light of day again!! I will get rid of the Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame!!!!  I will put an end to Roboto boxing!!! ['Reel Steel' really?I WILL FREE PUSSY RIOT!!!!! 
I will bannish all that is unholy in the name of DR. RIGHTEOUS!!!  So let's all have a toast & welcome & embrace your new found lives which from now on will be given in tribute to me!!! The Great Dr. Righteous!!
These so-called candidates are expendable! & I plan to free Miss America from this injustice!!! So don't forget to vote for the one & only candidate that matters!! DR. RIGHTEOUS!! I seriously approve this message!!! We dud it 4 years ago we could do it again!!!! NO MORE ROCK!!! NO MORE ROCK!!! Don't forget the Majority for Musical Morality is everywhere! We are watching you!! & we plan on twisting your minds so vote!! & when that glorious day comes I will reign supreme from my new chair in that White House!! [which really should be Roboto Silver don't you think??] along with my Robotos & we shall crush all who dare to challenge us & restore order to this world!!
So please check out the video below & have a pleasant day! xoxx


11 February 2010


Some people in this world have been pondering the 'Meaning of Life'. Styx alumni around the world for years have been pondering 'the Meaning of 'Double Life'.' For those who've been on another planet, 'Double Life' is the fantastic classic song featured on the Greatest Album of All Time! [YES IT IS!! GET OVER IT!!!] KILROY WAS HERE released way back in 1983 by Rock Gods STYX!! Featuring the very classic best line ever:
'I am schizophrenic & so am I

Let's explore this further more shall we??????????????

The recorded 'meaning' of the song at the time was of course related to the character in the Greatest Music Video of All Time [no not Thriller!] Kilroy Was Here the movie [now called Caught In The Act -Live available on DVD everywhere & perfectly redone by the Greatest Tribute band of All Time: WNTDTYR!!!] [YES WE ARE-GET OVER IT!!]. Dr. Everett Righteous, leader of the Majority For Musical Morality in the song seems to struggle with his Double Life of being Dr. Righteous &????? This is where everything goes haywire....this has been the dilemma for Styx fans everywhere, the world over, it's not in the movie, or the videos. Was he a former rock star who got converted?? Was he a Roboto??? Or was he just INSANE!??? Double Life??? Triple Life????
1st of all I must reveal, that I, Earl of Rozland...AM DR. RIGHTEOUS!!!! ME!!
NO ONE ELSE!! 2nd, I, Earl of Rozland have discovered the REAL Meaning of DOUBLE LIFE, the proper meaning...THE TRUTH CAN FINALLY BE REVEALED!!!

James Young!
He is renowned the world over as the iconic figure JY!! A known genius to every Styx fan everywhere. He is GOD!! Not only is he an amazing guitarist but he is unlike any classic rock star you will ever come across. Forget Ozzy, forget Plant, forget Alice Cooper, Bruce, Michael Jackson! None come in a better package than JY or metaller!!! Who else could write better songs than Miss America, Midnight Ride, Heavy Metal Poisoning, Great White Hope, Homewrecker, must I go on? They don't come any harder or rock louder than the great JAMES JY YOUNG...
No one worships this man more than I do.

So what's with the Double Life??? Is it JY or Memorex??? Is he James?, Jim or JY. Is it JY or J.Y. with the 2 dots between??? Have you ever noticed he has an Iggy Pop quality to his voice?? Have you ever seen JY & Iggy in the same room?? Could he possibly have been in the Stooges??? I can see him singing 'I Wanna Be Your Dog'! Can't You?

Or how about his sounding almost uncannily like Frank Zappa. Have you ever seen Zappa & JY in the same room??? They both play guitar, they both have the greatest mustaches ever. Zappa has been declared dead. Or is he?? Or did he just join Styx??? He is still releasing records you know. I could see JY singing 'Dancin' Fool'....can't you??

Now comes word that the Scorpions will end their career after almost 40 years. They are 'supposedly' German & 'apparently' have had a guitarist named Rudolf Schenker since the beginning of their amazing start. Rudolf also has a blond brother named Michael [Tommy Shaw anyone....????] They have fantastic songs: 'No One Like You', 'Rock You Like A Hurricane'. have you seen these videos??? Have you noticed the man on guitar??? With the mustache??? Look familiar????? Have you ever seen JY & Rudolf or the Scorpions in the same room, have you?????????? I have placed the evidence above....judge for yourself.

So which one is which??? JAMES YOUNG otherwise known as JY, Dr. Righteous, Frank Zappa, Iggy Pop, or Rudolf Schenker??????????? The man is such an iconic figure & such a legend that he has led this Double life....triple life....quadruple life... for the past 40 years. He only chose to reveal his true self on 'Kilroy Was Here' so that everyone would think he was conflicted about being Dr. Righteous & no one saw through it. He didn't know how to balance his Double Life as a member of Styx & the Scorpions. He opened up his heart, wrote Double Life about his pain & no one understood him. But I did! Is there no end to this man's Genius???? Telling everyone he's from Chicago & was in a band called TW4 that became Styx??? When he's really a part of a legendary German band whose brother still continues to make music & was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a member of the Stooges?? Now that's Legendary! JY YOU ARE THE MASTER!!
Styx fans can all rejoice now in the knowledge that we finally know the Meaning of Double Life. You may rest now.

08 January 2010

This just in: Someone Cares About Styx Tribute-and again, where is Tommy Shaw?

Friday, January 08, 2010. The following comment was anonymously posted on wntdtyr's blog-
"Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!"

we're still a little weepy from this wonderfully encouraging remark, and also a little confused. But thank you and we won't let you down!

Now then... we can't help but notice that this poster was searching for info about Tommy Shaw's most recent disappearance from the Internet...
Since we are certainly the most reliable source of real Styx news, we offer our most well researched hypotheses:

1) It has something to do with JY and his new solo album featuring a cover of Frank Zappa's "Dancin' Fool".

2)He is worried about falling victim to another Van Morrison-esque debacle.

3)His closest friends and family have served him an intervention in effort to stop his out-of control Farmville addiction.

Any enticing theories of your own will be gladly added to this list!

22 October 2009


look for us on facebook:
under the name

Jonathan Chance

07 January 2009


Robotic Operational Zombie Responsible for Online Battle, Observation and Thorough Obliteration
Get Your Cyborg Name

While Dr. Righteous will be sitting pretty in her new White House in a couple of weeks after putting up a most incredible fight for the seat after refusing to concede & helping in getting the vote out in the most incredible campaign video ever made ......

.........I've decided to move on.....

Since this world is basically being taken over by robots anyway & no one seems to have a heart anymore, I've decided to become a robot & marry my true love Mr. Roboto.
He was so romantic while partying with me on New Year's Eve, naturally when he proposed , I happily accepted. I hope you will all join me. I didn't even have to change my name. . I'm very proud of my shiny new look. It suits me. We will be producing teeny cyborgs in no time to take over the world & help Dr. Righteous in her plans in the cooly new White House.

When will the ceremony take place???? January 20th of course!! Featuring the 1st female President & the new appointed entirely
filled Roboto Cabinet!
MR. & Mrs, Roboto will take their newly acquired seats as the Head of the CIA & Secretary Of State respectively!! Please join us in a human-free society!! NO MORE ROCK & MMM FOREVER!!!

Of course, those opposed will be stricly obliterated!!

RSVP via your newly appointed positions!!
luv, Mr. & Mrs Roboto..

05 November 2008

Righteous Refuses to Concede

Today in the news... it is not fake :

Dr. Righteous to America: Don't Let It End!

-AP Nov 5, 2008
Last night in New York City, while cheers of victory echoed in the crowded streets, Dr Righteous was reportedly in the Bronx watching VH1 Classic, shaking her head in disgust over the dynamics of a possible Led Zeppelin tour. Despite tireless efforts to rally the youth of America to proclaim their love of censorship and oppression, Dr. Righteous and the MMM party won a total of only 3 votes not including their own. These other votes for Righteous were possibly the 3 that Diebold thought would put her over the edge, or possibly cast by well-programmed robotos. As of this report, the MMM party is still in fierce denial of the loss and has yet to admit defeat.

The No More Rock campaign lives on!

26 September 2008


So are they trying to tell me something?
Do they want to be on my team? My lieutenants? My slaves?
I believe I have not only 2 perfect votes in my favor, but I have gotten an amazing screening of this movie celebrating not only myself but everything I believe in: action, the old way of living & no more rock! [notice whose name is bigger!HA!]
So not only do I urge you to VOTE for DR. RIGHTEOUS & the Majority for Musical Morality in its Independent Party this election, I urge you to see this movie...
Also, please do not forget to view my very much anticipated campaign video!!!

11 September 2008

Righteous Kill---s the election

Dr Righteous will not be stopped by some Pacino Deniro movie...
Instead, she's running for president!

24 July 2008

COMING SOON: New and Improved Styx-related Madness

In case you were wondering, yes, we are still awake
and yes we are still working on Styx-related madness.
Actually, we're getting close to our launching
the new and improved wntdtyr website, and as
if that weren't enough, a new video to boot!

20 June 2008


Notice the resemblance??? Unfortunately, this was not the most happiest of Daddy days for Mr. Roboto who lost his big Papa this week.

Little did Stan Winston know that when he made Mr. Roboto that his little baby roboto would bring joy & happiness to billions of people worldwide!
Sr. Roboto looked just like his boy, who'd undergone some changes over the years but with this most recent pic taken in 2007, Mr. Roboto was back to his old classic look. No Botox, no diet, just some good old Styx music & some of Papa's classic movies to get him by. He'll definitely miss his Daddy.

We pay tribute to our dear Stan for giving us Mr. Roboto & who will both live in our hearts forever, even Dr. Righteous.....

23 April 2008

Why is Dr Righteous so thirsty?

Because she can't stop the music!

20 February 2008

Michel Gondry finally rips us off

Michel Gondry. Michel Gondry is the man. Every video he's ever made he is totally rad...just look at some of our favorite youtube vids if you don't believe me.
Whilst shooting our lovely Kilroy remake, whenever I felt flustered or unsure about where it was all going, I found hope knowing he was standing behind us giving us that Bill Clinton thumbs up with a little cardboard tear jerkily dripping down his face.
Well now the great Gondry has made a movie about us! Starring who else but Jack Black...Be Kind Rewind is the title, and well...I think he secretly loves us back. Thank you, thank you, I know, great minds...

26 December 2007

Tribute band better than band tributed

For anyone who's seen us play, you may have noticed a shortage of Tommy songs in our set. Rest assured this is not because we don't like them...The real reason we stay away from Tommy songs is that Styx still plays most of them, and we wouldn't want make Styx look bad. They try, but let's admit, they're no WNTDTYR.